The Art of

Healing Self Sabotage

A LIVE Experience to introduce you to what it means to HEAL your sabotaging patterns and step into the next level of your life with EASE.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You know you are holding yourself back from what you are capable of in your career, health, relationships (& more) but no matter what you try, you can’t seem to stay consistent or breakthrough.
  • You are tired of trying to force more motivation and more discipline to get things done & are ready to learn a more holistic approach.
  • You are confused by what it means to “heal” and want to be guided through the physical & mental practices needed to clear these patterns holding you back… for good.
  • You frequently question or overthink if the healing/mindset work you do is working OR if you are doing it right.
  • You are ready to stop holding yourself back & instead take the first steps to let go of your procrastination, perfectionism, people-pleasing & more.

The reason why

  • Your discipline & willpower never seem to be enough…
  • No matter how many affirmations you say or mindset shifts you do, you’re still stuck…
  • You’ve been so in your head questioning if your goal is meant to be or what you need to do to get there…

Is NOT because you aren’t capable. It’s because you’ve been avoiding the root of the problem that’s holding you back from accomplishing your goals & stepping into your next level.

Ready to experience what it feels like to RELEASE your blocks on a physical and mental level?

The Art of HSS is designed to guide you through introductory, step-by-step healing practices so that you can clear the traumas, patterns, & beliefs holding you back from what you know you are meant for.

The gap between who you are now, and who you are working to be is NOT something you have to struggle through. And it does NOT have to be a mountain that you climb over.

It only feels this way because the goals you have are being perceived as a threat to your physical, mental or emotional safety. And because your mind & body always want to keep you safe, they will do everything they can (procrastination, resistance, lack of clarity, included) to keep you from coming face to face with this perceived danger.

This is why it feels like you need endless amounts of energy & discipline in order to accomplish anything. Because you are literally fighting your body’s attempt to stop you.

Which is why it’s time for you to try a new approach. One that doesn’t require you to fight yourself to succeed.

When we learn how to identify what is inside of us is being triggered & how it manifested, we are able to bring in the tools to HEAL it.

This means we aren’t dodging certain thoughts, emotions, or events anymore… because they don’t affect us in the same way.

This means that taking action feels exciting & you are drawn to what you do naturally now.

And this means that not only do you see results faster, but you get to enjoy the process to getting there more.

This is the secret to your success not just now, but for every level to come.

Let Me Help You

I’m Andie Colleen.

A Life + Mindset Coach that helps you overcome your self-sabotaging behaviors so that you can take action towards the things you ACTUALLY want to be doing.

I use a fusion of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom (EFT), Hypnotherapy + TIME Techniques to help my clients…

  • Heal your mind, body, & soul,
  • Create a relationship with yourself, and
  • Find ease, purpose & fulfillment in your life.

It’s time to make a change ♡

So, are you ready to engage in a live experience with me?

The Art of

Healing Self Sabotage

Introducing you to what it means to HEAL your sabotaging patterns

and step into the next level of your life with EASE.

So here’s how this works…

We’ll start by teaching the main concepts that you need to understand in order to IDENTIFY the root of your sabotaging patterns

& THEN, we’ll guide you through 4 weeks' worth of healing work to release these wounds & move forwards with ease.

Here’s what this looks like. What you’ll get:

  • 1 120+ Min in-depth training on the process of healing self-sabotage (Valued at $997)

  • 4 120+ Min Guided Healing Sessions (Valued at $4,997)

  • Access to Q&A with me (Valued at $997)

  • Interactive journal workbooks & homework to accompany the sessions & come back to (Valued at $497)

  • Interactive group forum for all of your questions (Valued at $497)

And inside the calls:

  • Call 1: 2+ hour educational call on understanding & identifying the root of your sabotage

  • Call 2: 2+ hour healing call guiding you through foundational healing practices

  • Call 3: 2+ hour healing call guiding you through self worth specific healing practices

  • Call 4: 2+ hour healing call guiding you through physical release modalities

  • Call 5: 2+ hour integration & healing call to settle in to your next level self


This is NOT a coaching program,

this is a HEALING program.

In each call we will be actively guiding you through healing & integration exercises together… that means no questioning if you are doing it right, no confusion, & no way you won’t succeed (as long as you show up).

  • 1 120+ Min in-depth training (Valued at $997)
  • 4 120+ Min Guided Healing Sessions (Valued at $4,997)
  • Access to Q&A with me (Valued at $997)
  • Interactive journal workbooks (Valued at $497)
  • Interactive group forum (Valued at $497)
  • 2+ hours of educational call
  • 2+ hours of foundational healing practices
  • 2+ hours of self worth healing practices
  • 2+ hours of physical release modalities
  • 2+ hours of integration & healing call

Total Value = $7,985 USD


or $597 x 2 months

or $327 x 4 months

We start this October.

What People Are Saying

So, you have two options…


Continue trying to piece together the right practices & information, guessing & checking to see if it’s working but always questioning if you are doing it right (remember, overthinking is a protective mechanism meaning if you are questioning IF it’s working, it’s not)....


OR be guided through the exact steps, practices, tools, & methods needed to start to identify & heal the things you KNOW you are ready to release & watch your goals come to fruition.

I came into coaching knowing I wanted change but not know what that really looked like. I felt stuck and unmotivated for just about everything in life. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to be and I didn’t know where to start.

Now, six months later, I feel in control of my life.I no longer feel like I just am hanging on for the ride with no say in where I end up or how I get there. I feel empowered to be able to continue to break old patterns and forge new paths.

Andie became the mirror I needed to see parts of me I didn’t know where there. She was and is a safe sport to be brutally honest with oneself and not be judged in the slightest. Her genuine care and desire for you to be able to smash your self- sabotaging patterns shines through. She exemplifies having a coach in your corner bringing out your best and being your biggest cheerleader as you do it.


Andie can describe human nature so articulately and in a way that just makes perfect sense.

She had no problem at all with any issue I presented her with. Everything was tailored to me and my life specifically.

The biggest component of her coaching that made a difference in my opinion is that she isn’t all talk. She doesn’t over explain something hoping you glean how to just understand an issue. She explains things in a way that you “get” it about yourself and then presents actual things you can DO. Her exercises/lessons for me each week were light bulb moments to say the least. I was blown away by how they impacted me immediately. I was seeing week by week my mind/life changing. I was in control for once of my actions, words and thoughts and it felt wonderful. I was being taught to steer my own ship - which had been off course for quite some time.


Andie is an outstanding guide for professional self-inspect and reflection, especially for professionals combatting all-too-common issues concerning mindset and anxiety.

I learned how to attack mental blocks head-on, rather than continuing avoidant patterns that I’ve repeated most of my life.
Left me with several tools in my arsenal whenever I feel self-defeating habits arise.

Andie is also a genuinely awesome PERSON to work with. From day 1, she felt like someone I could trust and the kind of person I enjoy being around.
Jump in!


Call Schedule

Tuesday October 24th 3:30 - 5:30p CST

Thusday October 26th 3:30 - 5:30p CST

Tuesday October 31st 3:30 - 5:30p CST

Tuesday November 7th 3:30 - 5:30p CST

Tuesday November 14th 3:30 - 5:30p CST

Please Note:

All calls will be recorded & are designed to be just as effective as a replay. If you aren’t able to make it live & you will be able to come back to the calls and rewatch them after the program.

So, are you ready?

Stepping into the identity of the person you are meant to be starts with this decision.

What would they choose?

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