Hi, I'm Andie Colleen

I’m a mindset coach, trauma healer, & speaker who works with high achieving, hyper-logical clients to help them heal their trauma, build their self worth, and let go of their sabotaging patterns at the root so that they can live a rich, fulfilling life.

Self-sabotage is a concept that I have been fascinated with ever since I’ve learned what it was & saw how it overtook my own life.

As a high achieving, objectively successful individual I didn’t think I could have a problem with sabotage, but that’s where I went wrong.

As a fellow recovered high achiever, these were my hidden signs of self-sabotage...

  • Lack of fulfillment or disconnection
  • Over and not feeling like the outcomes were at par with what effort I put in
  • Feeling like everything was draining or hard & it would take me more energy than it would take others
  • Brain fog, lack of creativity, & lack of clarity on big & little decisions
  • Overthinking things past the point of being helpful but not knowing how to stop it
  • Feeling resistant or avoidant to important conversations or interactions
  • Feeling conflict averse or like people pleasing is taking you over
  • Physically feeling like something is blocking you (fatigue, sleepiness, lack of motivation)
  • Reading all the books & listening to all the podcasts but still not seeing results you hoped for
  • Getting things done, but subtly avoiding the ones that will actually move the needle or not being able to identify them

As you know, most of these things high achievers experience on a daily basis.

After years of working to heal these patterns in my own life...

Through a mix of therapy, mentorship, coaching, trauma healing, somatic work & embodiment I now am happy to say I’ve helped hundreds of others do the same.

As a certified Life & Mindset Coach, and EFT, TIME,Hypnotherapy & NLP practitioner I use a fusion of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Techniques, & Trauma Healing to help high achieving clients release the behaviors keeping them stuck at the root, so they don’t continue to experience the same level of noise & frustration for years to come.

It’s through these techniques & more that I’ve helped clients dramatically change their health, relationship, career, and financial situations in a matter of months despite the fact that many of them have been stuck for years, if not decades in these very same patterns.

If you feel like you’ve tried it all… therapy, books, podcasts, & more and for whatever reason something in you still feels stuck and like you are holding yourself back, I want to assure you that you have NOT tried it all. There is still a lot of change to come.

Let me share my own story with you…

After growing up as your typical high achieving student, I graduated school with an engineering degree & moved straight out to Washington, DC to work as a tech consultant for a well known international consulting firm.

At the time, I thought I had “made it.” I had a corporate card, was working with a bunch of people my age. But after the new-ness wore off I was left feeling empty & like something was VERY wrong.

Like many people, I didn’t realize that my high achieving status was actually the REASON I was struggling to get what I wanted out of life.

Despite my endless achievements & seemingly perfect life for where I was at, I felt disheartened, disconnected, & unfulfilled.

I was obsessed with finding my purpose and figuring it all out bc even though I couldn’t put my finger on it, I knew something was off. I had everything I could seemingly want but no amount of gratitude lists or therapy could allow me to actually appreciate it.

I had read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, seen several therapists… and whilst everything was helpful in it’s own way, none of it proved to make any substantial change or be what I needed.

This is what set me on a journey to where I’m now. Through working with coaches, healers, and more I was able to come home to myself.

Now, years later, I help my clients do the same.

Over the past 3 years of running my business...

I’ve worked with hundreds of men & women in private and group atmospheres teaching them what it means to heal & showing them (tangibly) how to actually do that. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking about the same topics on big stages such as TEDx, on various podcasts & in well known coaching programs for business owners & more.

In the past three years my work has touched thousands of lives, and my mission is to help other high achieving individuals learn to heal the root of their own trauma, stuckness, and frustration so they can live the rich, fulfilling life they’ve been craving and continue to spread the wealth to others around them.

5 years ago, I never thought my life would look like this… married to my dream man raising our dream dog, eating whatever I want when I want & having my weight stay incredibly stable, and running my own multi-6 figure impact driven business from the comfort of my own, beautifully decorated home… but here I am.

I can confidently say that this work has done what I once thought was impossible, and now it’s time to let it do the same for you too.

Some Fun Facts About Me...

  • I’m a proud military wife… My husband went through a difficult deployment in 2022 and it forced us to learn a lot about ourselves and each other through it. This work is the reason we both believe we were able to come out of that stronger than before

  • 6/2 Generator - meaning that the first 30 years of my life I’m supposed to learn through trying it myself and failing many times. I’m designed to teach from my own life experiences and become and expert through those so I can share the wealth to you so you don’t need to make the same mistakes… so here I am!

  • My husband and I just moved to Chicago and are living in an apartment better than what I ever could’ve dreamed of for us. Both of us & our dog Boatie have been actively loving and exploring this neighborhood together with no plan of leaving anytime soon

  • I am the oldest of 4 and am extremely close with my parents as well as extended relatives (perks of growing up in an irish catholic fam)
  • I’m an enneagram 7… yay travel and new things!

  • I’m afraid of most condiments and sauces. To this day I have never tried mayo, mustard, hot sauce, any kinda soda & more and I never plan to.

  • My favorite food in the world is watermelon and I’m absolutely certain I can cut it faster than anyone you know (shall I share my secrets???)

  • I love... water skiing, walking barefoot on the grass, dirt, or sand, wine with friends, home cooked meals, my friends and family.

  • I caaaannnnn travel in a rough fashion (hostels, camping, just a backpack & no showers for days on end) but I’ve recently been accepting the fact that I’m a little bit bougie and owning that has given me more peace than anything ever lol.

  • This year was the first time I’ve ever bought a real piece of furniture from somewhere that wasn’t FB marketplace or Goodwill and it’s changed me

Time to Bloom

with Andie Colleen

Your mindset is at the heart of everything you do. So whether you are a self help junkie, aspiring entrepreneur, or a millennial looking to make a change, this podcast will help you overcome your self doubt, connect with your intuition, and align with your most authentic self so they can start to dream bigger and live freer.

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